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Community Guidelines

The Vision of the Spiritual Abuse Collective Community Forum

To provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and purposeful space for people of different faiths and no faith to engage in respectful dialogue, discussion and challenge around the topic of spiritual abuse.

Aims of the Community Forum

Guidelines for Forum Use

Our Community Guidelines ensure everyone can:

… but not at the expense of others.

These guidelines outline how we should relate to each other. Everyone on the Forum must follow these guidelines. The guidelines apply to all parts of the forum, including

The Spiritual Abuse Collective Community Forum should be

Moderators will investigate any issues identified.



Everyone should feel welcome in The Spiritual Abuse Collective.

We want to create a supportive space where people can

We need to empower, encourage, and support each other. This should be the basis of how we relate to each other.

To achieve this forum members should:

Forum members should not:

Please help us to keep the forum tidy by

In addition, there are specific guidelines for specific groups.

Research Collaboration

The forum actively encourages research collaboration. A Higher Education Institution must oversee all research. This should include supervision, support, and ethical approval processes. Researchers are responsible for ensuring this, not the forum.

Mutual support between researchers within the forum does not and should not replace supervision or support within a Higher Education Institution.


Any forum member may have trauma and/or abuse experiences. This should inform how we relate to each other.

There will be those who, for various reasons, wish to remain anonymous and may use pseudonyms when posting in the forum.

To register to participate in the forum, you are required to provide a name and email address. This personal data will be stored securely in line with our GDPR policy.

The Admin Team and Moderators will do everything they can to maintain a safe, secure, and confidential space. There are limits of confidentiality in the forum due to the number of members of the forum and our inability to prevent text being copied, logins being shared etc. The Admin Team and Moderators cannot guarantee confidentiality.

Any individual experiences should only be shared in general terms. This forum is not a safe space for sharing detailed experience, and we must be mindful of the risks of retraumatising others in what we share. This forum is not a space to undertake your healing journey or have your experiences validated. If you need additional support, we suggest you contact our Support Service team at

Survivor voice is an important and valuable part of collective wisdom. All content, including victim/survivor voice should meet the aims of the Spiritual Abuse Collective.


Where forum members do not meet these guidelines, the following actions may be taken:

The level of action will depend on seriousness and whether behaviour is repeated or a pattern.

Process for contacting Moderator.

There is limited capacity for moderation. There is a collective responsibility for self-management of the Community Forum. All Forum members should identify and report issues to the moderator.

If a post needs moderator attention, there is a ‘Report’ link on the top-right of every post. That will add the post to a queue moderators watch and follow up on weekdays.

If immediate action is necessary, or the situation is not limited to a specific post, users should email

These Guidelines will continue to evolve over time. Action may be taken against accounts, content or behaviour that does not meet the spirit of these Guidelines.

The spirit of the guidelines is to:

Keep The Spiritual Abuse Collective Forum safe and help us continue to make it a supportive, healthy, and inclusive positive place to talk, share our wisdom and collaborate to find solutions that will make a real positive difference.

We will always do our best to notify you when we update these Guidelines.

Thanks for doing your part in keeping the forum safe, inclusive, positive and purposeful!

Thanks for doing your part in keeping the forum safe, inclusive, positive and purposeful!

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