The Spiritual Abuse Collective

Collective Support ● Collective Wisdom ● Collective Solutions

We need to keep talking about Spiritual Abuse in a safe and supportive way to find solutions together.

Whether we are Survivors/Victims, Supporters, Practitioners, Academics or a variation of these, we all have wisdom we can bring to the table. When we share this wisdom and use this to develop solutions, we develop the best collective wisdom, and best collective solutions.

We need to involve all faiths to understand what is common in our experiences and what may be different.

We need to include everyone by recognising and addressing the things that make it more difficult for people to be involved.

What we plan to do:

Purposefully include everyone by:

Bring people together to share wisdom and solutions by:

Influence and drive change by:

Regularly reviewing:

We want to hear from anyone that would want to be involved.

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