Training Courses

We have a number of training courses in development for both Faith Organisations and Secular Organisations. Further information will be added as these courses are developed.

Spiritual Abuse: Coercion and Control within a religious context – Recognising, Responding and Supporting Well within Healthy Cultures

This course will explore issues of Spiritual Abuse: Coercion and Control within Faith Organisations and Communities. We will look at how to recognise spiritual abuse, how to respond well and how to support well and the importance of policy, procedure, and practice in achieving this.

Face to Face £675

Webinar £450

The course will also explore the impact of spiritual abuse and what needs to be considered when supporting survivors. In addition, the course will look at preventing Spiritual Abuse through building healthy Faith Culture.

Supporting those who have experienced Abuse and Trauma within Faith

This course will provide an in-depth exploration of the survivor journey from recognition through disclosure and response, to accessing support and therapy.

The course will explore the impact of abuse and trauma within faith and the support needs associated with this impact. The course will examine best practice, research messages and survivor voice to enable effective support.

Face to Face £675

Webinar £450

This course will be run with a Faith Organisation focus or with a Secular Organisation focus.

There is also scope for this course to be further specialised to focus on Police, Social Services or Health functions.

Awareness Raising and Preventive Training
Healthy Faith Awareness Raising and Prevention –

Schools and University

When young people first leave home and make their first steps into the world with less support from significant adults this can bring vulnerability.
This Awareness Raising and Preventative training will equip young people in their understanding of what healthy faith organisations look like and where they can seek support if they have concerns.

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