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Those who have experienced abuse and trauma within faith need to be heard, need understanding, and need validation of their experience.

There is not always this understanding or validation of experience within faith.

The secular world or statutory services do not always understand faith, or the impact of the faith aspects of any abuse or trauma.

Those who have experienced abuse and trauma within faith can be left feeling isolated, misunderstood or sometimes judged. 

We offer a number of support services to those who have experienced abuse and trauma within faith

Support Line

07746 153 703

We are very aware that callers are likely to have some concerns about seeking support.

It is vital that there are as few barriers to seeking support as possible.

The support line is open Monday and Tuesday between 9am and 5pm.

We can also arrange mutually convenient times outside these hours if necessary.

“I just wanted to thank you for listening yesterday on the phone. I felt heard, understood and believed, which has been very healing for me…..It was such a release to hear the recognition in your voice that identified with what I was saying, where I have been misunderstood and at times criticised for my actions…..I know my journey is not yet complete, but I really feel supported by you and will definitely keep in touch.”

Where organisations are referring people who have been harmed within their organisation or denomination, there is an expectation that the organisation discuss the appropriate arrangements for financially supporting the work of Replenished Life prior to referral or asking the person to contact Replenished Life. 

To give the necessary reassurance to callers, all support given is:

  • 1


    All calls are confidential (unless there is a concern that you or someone else is at risk of harm. In which case we will discuss any safeguarding action we need to take together and agree a way forward.)

  • 2


    Whilst our support workers do have a faith, they are independent to any denomination or faith community. As an organisation we are completely independent.

  • 3

    Multi Faith and no faith

    Our support workers understand all faiths and no faith and provide support accordingly with understanding.

  • 4

    From Lived Experience

    All our support workers have lived experience of abuse and trauma within faith and callers value the fact that we “get it”

  • 5


    support is given based on need regardless of any protected characteristics or theological positions held in relation to any protected characteristics.

  • 6

    Open ended

    from experience individuals we support, all have different support needs, need to take things at their own pace and need a differing length of time of support. We also are aware that people may need to revisit us in the future, so we are always available if people need to come back for more support as life events occur or life changes.

  • 7

    Free to Survivors

    the cost of the support call is only the cost of a call to a mobile (usually included in minutes). If cost is an issue, just drop us an email or text and we will arrange a convenient time to ring you.

Conference / Training / Workshop / Research Project Support

Where the content and discussion matter of workshops, training, conference, or research projects may cause distress, trauma or may trigger previous experiences of abuse and trauma we can provide support for delegates or participants.
This will be tailored to each situation dependant on the number of hours of support that may be needed, and the subject matter discussed.

The cost will therefore be relative to the number of hours needed. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

The hourly cost will be £32 with a minimum of 7.5 hours (£240)

Online Resources

We are currently developing online resources on common themes that we advise and support on.

We will also include links to other organisations resources and useful content, videos and information from other sources.
The resources will be published here once we have developed these and they are quality assured.

Replenished Life Survivors Facebook group.

Link – Replenished Life Survivors | Facebook

Replenished Life Researchers Forum

Link – Replenished Life Research Community | Facebook


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