Equipping Faith Organisations to provide high quality support to those who have experienced abuse and trauma within faith.

The resources area will open on February 8th 2023. A password to access the area will be sent upon registration. If not already registered please do so below.

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Organisational Support Packages

A key aspect of our vision is for those who have experienced abuse and trauma to have access to high quality response and support within faith organisations.

In order to achieve this we have created Organisational Support Services that will enable faith organisations to continually improve the quality of support.

We have created a resource area of information, videos, resources and research that provides a rich learning environment. This will be reviewed monthly to ensure access to the latest survivor voice and research messages.

We will be running regular 1 hour webinars which will be free for all. The resource area will hold all recordings of webinars to ensure they are available if you can’t make the webinar or if you wish to revisit any previous webinar. In addition to the recordings there will be a half hour question and answer/ discussion hosted for members each month.


£5 a month


£10 a month


£25 a month


£50 a month


£75 a month


Bespoke costing

Stand Alone or Extras

1 hour of Support or advice




Face to Face Training


Online Consultancy

£450 a day

Face to Face Consultancy

£675 a day**

*The cost is for 4 hours of training time, plus travel time and preparation time.

**The cost reflects travel time and preparation time.

If you have any questions then we are more than happy to discuss anything.

We would not want finance to be a barrier to access to these services. If there is a financial need then please do contact us to discuss how we can best support you.

To discuss any aspect of these services, either contact us or set up a 30 minute zoom call here

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